Should You Use Martingale Strategy in Olymp Trade?

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   Martingale Wiki | Process | Strategy | Risk | Problem | Example | Principle | Theory & more:  Hello Folks..In this article, I will share with you Martingale Strategy. 

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I know there is loads of confusion in your mind regarding Martingale Strategy but don’t worry. 

I will share everything with you in this article.

So, keep reading ahead Martingale Wiki | Process | Strategy | Risk | Problem | Example | Principle | Theory & more.

Martingale Strategy Wiki | Theory | Principle

What is Martingle Strategy?

According to Wikipedia, 

In probability theory, a martingale is a sequence of Random variables for which at particular time. the conditional expection of the next value is in sequence, given all prior values, is equal to present value. 

Martingale Principle is also called a casino Strategy. Or gamble Strategy. 

Martingale Strategy Founder, Paul Levy

The concept was introduced by Paul Levy in 1934 and was named as Martingale by Ville in year 1939.

Martingale Strategy History  

This concept was really popular in 18th Century France. 

This simple strategy was designed for a game in the gambler win their stake if the coins comes head and loss if the coin comes tail.

In this Strategy, The gambler has to double their bet amount after every loss to recover the previous Losses.

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Martingale Process | Strategy | System

How to use the Martingale Principle?

To be honest I don’t personally use this strategy?

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However, My some colleagues use this strategy and they are truly making big bucks out it.

I have asked them How they use it and I will share with you their exact strategy.

So let’s begin…

Suppose, You have deposited $100 in your Olymp Trade account.

You made your first trade of $1 and you lose the trade then your 2nd trade will amount to ( 1 *2 + 1 =3 ) as it will cover all your previous losses in Fixed Time Trade or Forex.

Suppose You loss even the 2nd Trade that means you lost till now ( $1 + $3 = $4) .

Now your third trade will amount to ( $3 * $2 +$1 = $7 ) and.

 Suppose the 3rd is a win for and your profit will be (7 * 80% = 5.60 ) and now your account balance will be $101.6.

Now, when you place the next trade you trade will start again from $1 and the cycle continues.

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Should You Martingale Strategy in Olymp Trade? 

The answer is your choice. 

But I want to remind you that we are trading and Trading is a serious business, not a gamble.

Therefore, I will suggest you to use this if you are not experienced enough.

I have followed this strategy, long time back ago in 2016 when I was a beginner. And within minutes my account got empty.

So, don’t be a fool and make a mistake like this.

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How to Stay Safe in Martingale Strategy?

Now, according to my friends what they do is they don’t trade too much the moment they recover any losses and make a profit they leave trading for that day. And trade the next day.

They always recommend not to be greedy in trading.

This is how it works. But I want to remind you again this strategy is really very risky and I don’t use it.

Winding Up:

I hope you have find this article helpful. and you must have decided whether you are going to use the Martingale principle or not.

Comment your decision below

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