Is Olymp Trade Safe in India and Is it Legal in India? & more

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Is Olymp Trade Safe in India and Is it Legal in India? & more: Hello… Folks in this article  I will talk about one of the most famous trading platforms. Olymp Trade.

I will also answer the most common questions like Is Olymp Trade Safe in India and Is Olymp Trade Legal in India? & more

In, my last article, I have told every basic of Olymp Trade.

Just, in Short, Olymp Trade is a Trading Platform or broker where you can both BUY or SELL assets, commodities, & more.
Via Olymp Trade You can either Trade-in Fixed Time Trade or Forex.
Olymp Trade Review in India: Is Olymp Trade Safe in India?

This is one of the most common questions. that I have been asked. in  Olymp Trade Review in India: Is Olymp Trade Safe in India?

Answer to both the question is BIG YEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

I am personally Trading in Olymp Trade for like 2.5 years and to be honest. I am really satisfied with the services.

Quick Deposits & Quick Withdrawals and great customer support makes it a great platform. 
Given below is my withdrawal proof from Olymp Trade see below.

Olymp Trade Sends their payment via Inlustris Ltd. so don’t get confused here.

However, the best way to say if any Trading platform is great or not. is google play ratings.
As you can see above Olymp Trade has received above 4 ratings which is actually a great thing and yes, Thus we can say Olymp Trade is Legit Platform.

Olymp Trade India Contact Number

If you are facing any problem in Olymp Trade you can contact Officials 24 /7.

If you are from India you can contact Olymp Trade 1800400478 or +84 28 44581413

Is Olymp Trade is Legal in India?

According, to the reports, Olymp Trade is not technically Illegal or even Legal as it is not monitored or controlled by SEBI.
That means if any Trader faces any cheating or problems related to app transactions you won’t be able to sue them as there is no bank involvement.
However, To be Honest, Olymp Trade has a very good track record in payment & withdrawal.
Similarly, I haven’t faced any problems yet. and is really satisfied with their services.
Olymp Trade India Signup | Login

Signing with Olymp Trade is damn very easy.

  • Step 1:  Firstly Click this link and you will land to the Home page of Olymp Trade. ( Don’t think so much…Signing up is 100% FREE and won’t require Debit / Credit card details )

  • Secondly, If you had clicked the link above you will see a prompt Deposit Bonus notification this is exclusively only for our users.

  • Now, enter Your legit Email and Password and that’s it!!!! Congrats you are officially the member of Olymp Trade now. Signing up is that easy.
How to trade in Olymp trade in India?

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To Trade in Olymp Trade firstly you need to sign up. If you haven’t signed up yet. Sign Up now.
Now, Once you are done with signup. You will land to the dashboard of Olymp Trade. as you can see below you have $10,000 Free practice Trading amount. (See Image below)

Olymp Trade offers two types of trading.
  • Demo Account: You will get $10,000 for free in demo account practice and $10,000 is absolutely more than enough to practice the trade.
  • Real Account: Once you are confident enough that you can make money with Olymp Trade deposit money and start trading.

How to Deposit in Olymp Trade in India?

To deposit Money in Olymp Trade in India Follow these steps:

Step 1. Login to your account
Step 2. After you, land to dashboard Click Make a Deposit

Step 3: Now select payment method you can make a deposit via Visa, Mastercard or e-wallet like skrill, Neteller & more.

Step 4: Now, simply enter your deposit amount. It should noted that a minimum of $30 is required to get the bonus.
 How to withdraw money from Olymp trade in India?
To withdraw money from Olymp Trade in India. Follow the steps given below:
Step 1: Firstly, click on the withdraw option from the Left-hand side (see below).

Step 2 : Enter Amount & Select payment

That’s it!!! Your payment will be processed within 24 hours. If you withdrawing via skrill you will get your payment within 2 4 hrs.
Conclusion: Does Olymp trade work in India?

By now, I have told everything about Olymp Trade and you have found this article helpful.

So, Now, I want to ask you Does Olymp trade work in India?, Did it work for you. comment below.

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